Have you considered visiting the coast of Florida and seeing the beautiful sights that the area has to offer? If so, then taking a dolphin tour is highly recommended. These adventures are fun and can be done with a fishing guide st. augustine area professional. These skilled guides are experts at spotting dolphins and other gorgeous sights in and around the water. To help you get prepared for a guided dolphin tour, let’s look at some dolphin facts.

Where Do They Live?

There are several different dolphin species in the world – 3 to be exact. The dolphins that are found around Florida and St. Augustine are bottlenose dolphins, which are native inhabitants of the Atlantic Ocean. Dolphins are commonly found in Florida as well as the UK and even Ireland.

How Big Are Dolphins?

Dolphins range in size, but they tend to be large animals. The average dolphin ranges from 3 feet to 6 feet, with male dolphins typically being larger than female dolphins. You may have trouble telling them apart, though, because they look similar in most other ways.

What Will We See Dolphins Do?

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You may be surprised at how much of a show you’re in for once dolphins have been spotted. These animals are born performers, doing amazing tricks and flips that will amaze you. These acrobatics are known as “breaching” – whales and other sea creatures do this in order to get air and even to communicate with other fish in their group or pod.

Now that you’re armed with these facts about dolphins, you can be a bit more prepared for seeing them while on a tour of the waters of Florida. When visiting the water, remain cautious and always remember to keep waste from entering the waters and polluting the world’s oceans – the home of these magnificent creatures.