Tips For Being A Great Artist

November 21, 2019 by No Comments

Art is one of the most suggestive forms of expression we have.  When it comes to art, what one person likes will be hated by another.  This is why an artist new york ny will try and hone their crafts to fit a specific demographic of people.  If you are an artist and want to start sharing your work or if you are someone looking to get into the craft, here are some tips you might want to follow.

Be yourself

Art is an expression of yourself.  When we try to copy other people or conform our style to meet other expectations, we will fail to produce a quality piece.  It is important that you let your art speak from within you and create a message other want to hear. 

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Choose your medium

The medium you choose will be your canvas.  This can be painting with oils, acrylics, water or a combination.  You can also use photography, music and a wide range of different mediums to make your vision a reality.  Combining mediums will also be a unique way to express yourself.

Shock people

Great artists shock people because people will respond to things that get them talking.  This can be a controversial depiction of a specific subject or it can be something that no one has seen before.  When you get people shocked and talking then your message will be heard.

Tell a story

Each piece of art tells a story.  This story can be short, long or incomplete.  When an artist tells a story or plants a seed for a story then interest will be started.  If this story sparks a conversation, then your story will live on for years. 

Review others

Finally, review others.  Don’t rely on things that come out of your own head.  When we review the work of others, we can practice their technique.  Of course, you never want to rip somebody off and take their ideas, however, you can gain inspiration from techniques and content.