Why Go See a Broadway Show?

November 26, 2019 by No Comments

You’d be surprised at how many people have never seen a Broadway show. Instead of listening to Broadway play reviews that encourage seeing the movie version, get out on the town and become part of the audience. There are several reasons to see a show in the theatre – let’s take a look at some.

Connect with the World

Loneliness is one of the most common feelings individuals in the modern world experience, which is shocking in an age where technology gives you access to almost anything and anyone. Theatre performances have a way of instilling a sense of connection, as stories delve into characters and the entire audience connects with the story. It’s hard to feel alone when you’re shedding the same tears as everyone else in the audience.

Skip the Movies

Movies are made for the general population, which means they tend to stick to the same themes and are typically made to make a killing in the box office. Movies are being churned out like butter, but a show in the theatre isn’t put together as easily. Individuals put time and thought into the stories being told, often making them more meaningful and engaging than the movie versions.

Cultural Exposure

No Broadway show would be entertaining if there wasn’t a story being told, which is what you get when you go see a play. While a movie is one experience, seeing a show in person is an entirely different ballgame. You get to see the story told in a brand new way, delving into topics you may not have considered. While not every show is heavy, you’ll never feel as though you’re watching some mindless form of entertainment. The theatre tells a story, spreads cultural experiences, and expands your perception.

Broadway play reviews

Theatre is an entertaining hobby, whether you’re on the stage or in the audience. Don’t hesitate to go see a Broadway show or visit the local theatre in your area to see something unique and beautiful.